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I stumbled onto this site and was floored by your straight coverage of Rachel Brown and her congressional campaign! POSITIVELY FLOORED! 

I have been following Larouche for some time, as have a lot of people from all walks of life- from the average worker to top executives in business and government ( I am an executive in a size-able business). Whatever one thinks of Larouche, one can no longer refute his economic forecasting track record. Yet, the mainstream press ignore him, even though his works, forecasts and analysis are now very accessible via the web. Instead, at best, they roll our Prof Roubini, who has a better track record than most; but still falls short of truly understanding our present economic dynamics. 

MORE IMPORTANTLY, Rachel Brown and others in the Larouche organization are doing more to revive the FDR tradition than any of our current 
Democratic Party leaders, and are presenting very concrete alternatives to Bail Out Wall St. Barney and his peers. If they were around in '32, they would have supported HOOVER!! Thank you for restoring my faith in the press!

 -Long Time Patriot


Submission Date: Sat, February 27, 2016

Hope you are well. Your poetry is still the dream of angels.


Submission Date: Sun, November 03, 2013
I can tell you are kind and caring soul who wants the best for the world. However, I can also tell you have a dark side, that is angered by situations in the world, and that this anger fuels your belief in conspiracies. You would be better served to focus on (and live from) the good within you rather than dance with the darkness. The darkness leads to dark people and dark thoughts, your anti-semetic, holocaust denier stuff, for example. Listen to the goodness within, follow that light, and keep the darkness out. You will do much more for the world. Trust me.

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